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DFE President

Yang Heng kun

As time goes by, Dongfang Electronics has experienced successes and glories, failures and frustrations since establishment in 1957. After summing up successful experiences and learning lessons from failures, we understand fully only innovation is invariable.

Dongfang Electronics centers on customers for accurate innovation in terms of idea, system, culture, technology, management, flow, mode, etc., gain a deep insight into customer demand and market change, infiltrate customer demand into the Company in all respects to make progress together with customers, and to make joint efforts with power and energy demand enterprises for automation and intelligence, safe and energy saving, environmental protection and harmonious development, thereby creating more values for customers, shareholders, employees and the society. Dongfang Electronics will adhere to the human-oriented concept, incorporate learning abilities of all employees into the business flow based on customer demand, appoint the right person for the right position, and let employees enjoy life and work happily.

We are fully convinced of better than best. As long as we overcome difficulties persistently and challenge ourselves, as well as adhere to the corporate spirit of “innovation, passion, cooperation and goodwill”, we can achieve great innovation and continuous progress in pursuit of win-win situation among customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, society, etc.